Manila Design Week: What’s In Your Bag

I was one of the people featured in Manila Design Week’s What’s In Your Bag. The event was sponsored by Bratpack and since they’ve been giving away prizes over at Saabmarine Teleradyo, RA and I decided to do a live broadcast from their store in Greenbelt 5 because the exhibit was held just downstairs at the Fashion Walk.

The concept: a photographer takes photos of the model, the bag and its contents while a graphic designer interviews the model and does the layout of the whole thing to suit his/her personality. Model: Saab Magalona. Photographer: Niko Villegas from Edge of Light. Graphic Designer: Ramon Vizmonte.

Photo by Niko Villegas

Photo by Niko Villegas

Click through for more photos from the event.

On my way to GB5

Kong, Saab, RA

Our first remote broadcast!

I was busy broadcasting so Julius was entertained by these fabulous people.

My wonderful gay friends Adrianne Nyko and Lui

They're such natural models :p

He also took photos of the store. Bratpack is a pretty cool store.

What a cute bacon watch!!

We went downstairs for the exhibit itself and here are photos of the finished products:

More photos of the event:

Gelo Arucan gets mildly harassed by the very entertaining host, Lotho Lotho.

Sarah Meier also hosted the event. Excuse my pez. Look, there's Mon Punzalan (Team Manila) and Diego Mapa (Pedicab) in the background haha

Di pa ako ready!


With Garovs Garovillo (Rihanna stole your hairstyle! Chos)

With Xander Angeles

Jun Sabayton

Jason Caballa

Pauline Prieto

Domo Arigato

I get nervous meeting online followers at events - I feel like I'm not much fun offline. Haha!

TUMBLR ROLL CALL: Mark Gosingtian, RA Rivera, Tricia Gosingtian, Jason Caballa, Jason Tan

Tricia and I love gay men!

Eldzs, Adrianne Concepcion, Tricia, Saab, Martin Castañeda, Nyko Rodriguez

And we love Asian Poses

Nyko between two cute Chinese boys haha - Mark Gosingtian and Raymond Ang

Nyko with Troy Montero hahaha!

Idris Vicuña

Borgy Manotoc

Julius Valledor


About Saab Magalona

I like plastic balloons, polly pockets, cheap cake and spooky couches.
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21 Responses to Manila Design Week: What’s In Your Bag

  1. Carina says:

    Yun pala concept nung event! Thanks for explaining. I love it so much. ❤ Hahaha usisera ako sa mga gamit ng tao e. I'd say LOLJK, but I actually really like other people's things.

  2. xxochoaxx says:

    ohh.. tricia g.!! i wish i had the guts of a fan boy to have a picture with her..

  3. fabgelous says:

    Love the photos Saab! Ang ganda. Borgy looks so cute! And I didn’t know you took my photo. Wish I was ready. CHOS!

  4. McDreamy says:

    Ate Saab, pwede ka po mag-post ulit ng WHAT’S IN MY BAG sa Tumblr? Please. Please.

  5. telmetel says:

    i really really like you Saab.:)
    i always read your Blogs/tweets and everything..(stalker??.☺)
    you are such a very cool person..
    *i love your cool natural hair*:D
    hope to see you in person..-tel♥

  6. Kat Antonio says:

    Saab, I’m curious — why is it that your photo shoot’s theme is (literally) trash? Especially when you said that the layout was designed to suit the model’s personality? Hehe. Pero in fairness, you look fab kahit basura yung background! 🙂

    Keep blogging! 🙂

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  8. hi Saab! 🙂
    i love what’s in your bag? kasi elementary palang eh mahilig akong tumingin sa bags ng mga friends ko. Pero syempre may permission naman nila. Hehe. 🙂

  9. Joanna says:

    You’re friend Idris looks vintage, in a Vic Sotto-ey way.

  10. aliyahlaurente says:

    I signed up here on wordpress because of ate Saab 🙂 btw, are you still gonna use tumblr? I have to be familiar here first before making a blog.
    I like having a style like yours :”>

  11. Mica says:

    Hi! I’m wondering where can I watch modern family? what time does it show and when? Is this a series? 🙂

    Thank you! Keep blogging 🙂

  12. cezquijada says:

    hi sab i wonder how you do that “continue reading” thing on your home page when you posted this blog.. coz i kinda hate my blog that you still need to scroll down everything before you can see the next entry.. tnx much


  13. Nicole says:

    Where did you get your bag?

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