I bought a HOLGA BC in Hong Kong just for kicks. These are the only semi-nice photos I took.

Everything else is pure crap. But this is just my first roll of film, I hope I learn how to take better pictures.


About Saab Magalona

I like plastic balloons, polly pockets, cheap cake and spooky couches.
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14 Responses to Lomography

  1. iamcharlieann says:

    hi saab, where did you find these boots? i looooove them!

  2. superrsonny says:

    Hi Saab 🙂 Your blog is awesome!
    Anyways, I was wondering, how did you upload those photos? Did you scan them? or take pictures w/ your canon? Thanks 😀

  3. byl cuenca says:

    hi saab!

    i follow u on tumblr..

    i think your lomo shots are not crap. i like the multi-exposure (girl with queen print on shirt) and DM’s too.

    thats what i felt the first time i use my holga too but others like the photos i took that i didnt like.

    LOMO on!

  4. I love the one with the rainbow! 🙂 And Julius looks like a lost little boy on that photo. :))

  5. L says:

    You can have your rolls processed in digiprint. They even ship it to your place.
    Lomo Happy! 🙂

  6. Sarah says:

    I’ve been wanting to buy a Holga BC as my first ever film camera! This may sound dense, but is it hard to use? 😀 The photos are awesome btw! I like the last one 🙂

  7. CB says:

    try to use colored slide films for your holga,
    your lomo pics will look awesome!

    =) http://cb1129.multiply.com

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