Jao Mapa

I’ve always had the biggest crush on Jao Mapa. Unfortunately, I’ve never met the guy. Even if I did I wouldn’t know what to do or say. Ahhhh. Hahaha.

My sister, Maxx, sent me this gratuitous picture yesterday.

Jao and Maxx on the set of Trudis Liit

Oh my goodness, Jao… ❤

I always see his brother, Diego, who sings for the band Pedicab. I actually saw him last night so I sent Maxx this picture in return.

With Diego at Capones

Wala lang, natuwa lang ako sa konseptong magkakapatid. Hahaha! Babaw!

I remember there was this one time Diego, RA and I were at Maginhawa Studios (aka RA’s house). Diego’s phone started ringing and it was Jao — susunduin daw siya! Sobra akong hindi nakahinga kasi nakalimutan kong magkapatid sila!!! Hahahahahaha. Too bad I had to go before Jao got there but I’m sure we’ll get introduced someday. Hahaha PLEASE, DIEGO! Chos. Haha. Gusto ko lang naman ng photo op hahaha!

Who are your old school local crushes?


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I like plastic balloons, polly pockets, cheap cake and spooky couches.
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33 Responses to Jao Mapa

  1. patricia says:

    hi poh…ms. saab…my tattoo poh bah kyo sah likod? gaya ng nsa picture?

  2. patricia says:

    ung crush ko poh talaga nung bata pah akoh…si daddy noh poh…sah galing kumanta san kpa…

  3. AC says:

    Tralalala..I have a crush on him too!! >> Jao Mapa♥

  4. Runaholic says:

    chos! :))


  5. Nina Marie says:

    Ako old school local crush ko si Patrick Garcia. Tabing ilog days! ❤

  6. ohmyjeka says:

    HAHAHAHA. Ang cute ng story. Yan ang tinatawag na when butterflies attack<3 Actually, crush ko din siya. May something na meron siya na wala sa ibang boys. lol. XD

    Pero nung pinakita na sa publiko si Elmo mas crush ko na siya kesa kay Papa jao! HAHAHA 😀

  7. desabrematea says:

    Nakakatuwa ka talaga SAAB!
    I LOVE you so much!
    Idol talaga kita.
    Nakaka adik ka!

  8. phyllis says:

    RICO YAN!!! HAHA 🙂

  9. Ley says:

    Jao will always be a cutie! My old-school crush, the earliest I can remember, would have to be Devon Sawa. 😀 I was obsessed with the movie, Little Giants! Hahaha.

  10. Flor Antonette says:

    I miss Stefano Mori.

  11. Flor Antonette says:

    and Victor Neri!!! 🙂

  12. jerwin says:

    saab doesn’t count as old school, but I have the biggest crush on her

  13. malen says:

    hee~ jao mapa. ❤

    on my list would be: cholo escano, victor neri, and parick garcia. well, of course rico yan is on my top spot.

  14. Poli Pen says:


  15. khaela says:

    Saab, you’re so cute!!! You’d be my old school crush when you get old school. Haha.

    Hmm I used to have a crush on Stefano Mori (Borj of G-Mik haha) when I was a kid. Now where the heck is he? Also, Rico Yan. ❤

  16. Steph says:

    Si troy montero and until now siya pa din hahaha ❤

  17. Pia Magalona says:

    Did you know that his real name is actually Joao? Also, in rap there are what is known as “answer records” wherein an artist records a song in reply to another’s, in order to address the same topic. Well, what you and Maxx did will be known as the first public “answer pics!” Har! MWAH sweets ❤

  18. KinLee says:

    haha this is a cute entry..
    ako sina Rico Yan and Jake Roxas naging crushes ko hehe ^_^

  19. van says:

    Just like the popular thing of the two big schools in Antipolo. Assumption Antipolo♥La Salle Antipolo. Haha

  20. Kinikilig ako para sa’yo Saab. :”> Tawa ako ng tawa dito. (Tumatawa ako kapag kinikilig. ;))

    Ako naman crush ko si.. madami eh! =)) Si ano na lang, Simon Atkins. :>

  21. Alix Reyes says:

    I used to have this crazy crush on Sam Concepcion, but then I steered towards AJ Perez since I kind of saw that he sometimes acted like a jerk to his fans 😦 I shoved off a friend of mine.

  22. yummylopez says:

    I have a huge rush on Victor Neri and Joko Diaz 🙂 action stars :)))

  23. Christian says:

    ahh.. Your sister Maxx during 5 and Up days! 😉

  24. Faye says:

    Ang mainstream ko pero my old school crush is Patrick Garcia. And Kristopher Peralta. Rollerboys FTW!!!

  25. telmetel says:

    ako si elmo at arkin..:)
    hahaha palagi ko silang nakikita before sa EatBulaga with Mr. Francis eh..:)

  26. jhakaihara says:

    I liked JCS boys (G-Mik days) John Pratts, Carlo Aquino and Stefano Mori. But Carlo Aquino on top of them till now. Great talent! Handsome! Simple. 🙂 But I like Arkin now. 🙂 ❤

  27. Raisa Abigail says:

    Rico Yan FTW! 😀

  28. Ketchup says:

    Rico Yan! Especially in Dahil na Mahal na Mahal Kita! /spazzing right now.

    I had a crush on Eric Fructuoso too. Gwapings FTW! hahaha

  29. pinkshadoe says:

    Awww, ang cute!!! Crush ko din si Jao Mapa 🙂 Kinikilig ako haha! And si Stefano Mori, I noticed medyo madaming may crush sa kanya pala. And do you know that guy from the Magic Kingdom movies? Yung si Jubal? Crush ko din sha. And syempre the ultimate si Bobby Andrews from TGIS 🙂

  30. Jha says:

    Dino Guevarra and Carlo Aquino.. 🙂

  31. X says:

    Hey my boyfriend worked with jao in a play last year! 🙂 haha he said he was a good guy. 🙂

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