Drake Married Nicki Minaj?!

I can’t believe this. Drake is my super crush (Justin Bieber is only second to him). I think I’ve memorized almost all his songs from his famous mixtape to his first album. He can rap AND sing. I know some of you guys are totally clueless — he’s the guy who made Best I Ever Had (not the Vertical Horizon song but the one with explicit lyrics haha) famous. He’s under Young Money (Lil Wayne’s label).

Look at this cutie

How can this multi-talented (he also used to act in the show Degrassi) guy marry this girl?!

I mean come on, Nicki, if you’re gonna do skank poses at least try to be original.

Anyway, some people are saying that their tweets about getting married are just for publicity and I sure hope so. If they really did get married maybe Nicki Minaj has grown up (I’ll assume these photos are old) and will stop looking like such a ho.

In all fairness to Nicki Minaj tho, I like her raps. I only know two songs:

Young Money – Bedrock (if it wasn’t for Drake and Nicki I would totally hate this song)

Drake ft Nicki Minaj – Up All Night (I LOVE THIS SONG)

I tweeted one of Nicki’s lines from this song (I look like yes and you look like no) and it got so many retweets. Maybe I’m just really jealous of Nicki Minaj because I love Drake but I have to admit they kinda work well together. Why am I so affected HAHAHA.

UPDATE: Their publicists have confirmed that they were just joking.


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7 Responses to Drake Married Nicki Minaj?!

  1. softfloors says:

    What a classy lady!

  2. GG says:

    If you love Drake so much, you should watch the early seasons of Degrassi!

  3. jhakaihara says:

    Because you love Drake. haha. Thumbs Up for this Blog.

    as always, you inspire me. *ikaw lang yata ang sinusubaybayan ko over the internet. :)*

  4. Kim says:

    I was like that was too when I found out Trent Reznor got married last year, or when John Krasinski finally married Emily Blunt just last month. I wonder why it wounds us like that when we don’t really know these people personally, except that we look up to/admire them. It feels personal, you know? .___.

    Btw, I think Drake’s really cute, but what’s with that tranny looking woman? I had a hard time believing that THAT was a woman. I could swear that didn’t look woman to me. If you didn’t say that s/he was woman, I’d think he married a man. Hahahahaha.

  5. kit says:

    DRAKE’S MY CRUSH TOO!!! NEXT TO PHARRELL! I saw this too and I had the same reaction! Nicki Minaj looks so… ZZZZ. But Nicki’s rep later said it wasn’t true! Saw it at justjared! Check it here http://justjared.buzznet.com/2010/08/27/drake-nicki-minaj-married-couple/

  6. Mia says:

    Their reps confirmed that it was just a prank, like just to tease their followers. They didn’t get married. And yes, when I heard about it we had the same reaction. No offense to Nicki Minaj, but yeah. I love Drake. He’s just too amazing to not listen to everyday.

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