Red Mask Part 2

The short film shown on Party Pilipinas today:

Directed by Avid Liongoren. Starring Elmo Magalona + Julie Anne San Jose 🙂

Watch the first part here.

About Saab Magalona

I like plastic balloons, polly pockets, cheap cake and spooky couches.
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8 Responses to Red Mask Part 2

  1. Adi says:

    WOW. kilig and sadness at the same time. you did the storyboard, right? galing! and mister avid, too! nice collaboration 🙂 looking forward sa next episodes pa.

  2. Liz says:

    I super love this! It captured the essence of “young love” unlike teen relationships nowadays, too intense. Kudos to the director! Two thumbs way up to Elmo and julieanne for portraying the roles so well. Bravo bravo!!!

  3. wolfgirl says:

    Applause! 🙂

  4. sheen says:

    Awww elmo ❤ you're such an adorable sister 😉

  5. telmetel says:

    sana may part 3 tas ikaw na man ang gumawa ng shortfilm.:)

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