VANS Girls x Sundae x Free The Robots

I forgot my camera yesterday so I used my phone. What I did yesterday:

Idris bought this "kitiloli" from across the street haha

You can now get Vans from Trilogy Boutique!

I wanted this glass display and Wendell said I could have it but I forgot to take it home 😦

Look how cute!

They're Stussy x Vans

This photo sucks but there was a guitar hero set up yesterday hehe

Trilogy Boutique also carries other brands: Dim Mak, Junk Food, Christy’s Crown Series Hats, Obey, WeSC, Incase Bags, Generic Surplus, Gourmet Footwear, Pointer Footwear, Gravis, Dolce Vita, Matiko, Report Shoes, Alternative Apparel, C.Luce, Brigada Eyewear, Lego Watches, Andy Warhol Watches, Wize & Ope, Anthology, Toms Shoes, Insight, Wright Supply Co. Go to for more info.

I forgot to wear Vans but you know I'm a Vans girl!:p Photo by Munsy Man

Photo by Munsy Man

More photos of the event over at We went window shopping at Greenbelt after.


Dinner: Eggplant Parmigiana from Cafe Mediterranean

We were early for Free The Robots

We hung out at our friend’s store first to kill time. It’s called Sundae. I took a few photos for you guys. Twitpic-ed these last night but if you missed it, here you go!

Cute blazers

They're P1380 each

Beetle bangle

Heart rings for P35 each!

Denise Laurel loves Sundae!

A lot of other cute stuff from Risa Recio Jewelry, NTICE Clothing, Carlotta Manila, Heir Clothing, Gold Dot Purses, Cherry Pop Shop, Poisonberry, Plueys, my+brolly, Sum of, & Vans available at Sundae. Check out pictures on their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.

Free The Robots

Finally, California-based DJ Free The Robots started playing his beats. I don’t normally dance to anything except really mainstream pop/hip hop music with my gay friends. Haha! I guess he was really good because I couldn’t help but dance.

And he kinda looks like my boyfriend (except Julius is cuter haha)

Listen to Free The Robots on MySpace.

*a la Glee* And that’s what you missed on SAAB. Chos.

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I like plastic balloons, polly pockets, cheap cake and spooky couches.
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5 Responses to VANS Girls x Sundae x Free The Robots

  1. SHEE says:

    Was at B-Side last night too. Free the Robots = owzuuum. Love your DMs! 🙂

  2. fabgelous says:

    those stussy x vans shoes are awesome! the beetle bangle is also so cute to resist!

  3. Iona Jewel says:

    You’re so cool ate saab magalona!

  4. joycee says:

    some of your candid shots from the event at The Collective. 🙂
    it was really awesome there for sure. hope to catch up for the next one.!/album.php?aid=486232&id=630965186

  5. aybee says:

    yup, kamuka nga ng boyfriend mo.. kasi i looked at the photo first before reading the text, kala ko sya.. hehe

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