You guys know who Larry Alcala is? I couldn’t place his name at first, too, but when I saw his drawings — I remembered my childhood!

Larry Alcala self portrait

His most popular cartoon series was Slice of Life, which is a reflection of the many unique aspects of everyday life in the Philippines. He captured the interest of his weekend patrons by giving them the task of looking for his image cleverly concealed within the weekenhhbj d cartoon.

I know these weren’t really during my time but I distinctly remember finding a collection of Congressman Kalog comics in the storage room when I was young. I think this early exposure to local comics led to my having read all of Pol Medina Jr’s Pugad Baboy series. I didn’t really understand Larry Alcala’s comics at the time I found them but I loved the drawings — the shapes of the heads, the expressive lines on each cartoon’s face. I did research on him and he’s really someone to look up to.

All in all, he made over 500 cartoon characters, twenty comic strips, six movies, two murals, and 15,000 published pages in his 56 years of professional cartooning career. He believed in the far-reaching role of cartoons in education and value formation.

Clothing brand Solo, one that is proud of their love for vintage-inspired designs, has decided to immortalize Larry Alcala’s drawings in a special limited edition Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia collection.

Check out some of the cute stuff for sale (also available for men but I’m guessing most of you who read my blog are girls):

Pinoy Games (Women) P795

Hehehe young love ❤

Anti-Smoking Movement Tee. I guess I can't wear this til I quit. /guilty

I think this vest is super cute



Cool, it becomes a heart.

Everybody loves a cute tote bag

Let's eliminate Filipino time, please?

A LOT more shirts and dresses and button downs and necklaces but I can’t possibly post them all here. Go to their website to check out more products. Also follow Solo on Twitter and check out their Facebook page.

Did I mention that Solo also has an Online Model Search?

Click for more details about the contest!

Just wear one of Larry Alcala’s items in your submission entry with the creative use of graphic elements available in the contest website and submit it! Anyone registering on the site can vote. Have fun looking at all the entries and the comments posted about each entry. Vote and post your own comments too! The winners win cash and product prizes and will grace the walls of all Solo stores in the next campaign shoot. Contest starts August 22 until November 15.

Solo can be found at: SM North Edsa, Trinoma, Alimall, Festival Mall, Robinson’s Galleria, SM Pampanga, Marquee Mall Pampanga, The Row Glorietta 5, SM Bicutan, SM Manila, Robinson’s Ermita, The Row Edsa Shangri-La Plaza, Chimes Mall Davao.

Wanna win a Larry Alcala shirt from Solo? Simply reply to this blog entry and say so. Make sure you leave your e-mail address. Open only to Philippine residents. I’ll select a winner at random on Wednesday 🙂

About Saab Magalona

I like plastic balloons, polly pockets, cheap cake and spooky couches.
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52 Responses to SOLO

  1. fabgelous says:

    I looove Larry Alcala! That vest is super cute! I’m thinking of getting one since it’s grey and I love grey!

  2. Jen Agapito says:

    Cool Shirts! And yes, the vest looks really good! Want one! 😉

  3. Marinelle says:

    I want the watch and the tote bag. 🙂

    I remember seeing the work of Larry Alcala on a Jollibee store. Can’t remember which branch. So cool. 🙂

  4. I love the Anti-Smoking Movement Tee. Want to buy, too bad no budget. Hahaha if I have that shirt I might wear it everyday for papa, so for him to quit smoking :/ Oh, kasi bawal din ako sa usok ng sigarilyo xD

  5. Oh naabutan ko din pala yung hahanapin si Larry Alcara. Pinapabili ko si Mama dati ng newspaper para hanapin siya. Enjoy kasi haha

  6. Nix says:

    I love the necklace! It reminds me of the locket in the movie “The Illusionist”. 🙂

  7. Jee Geronimo says:

    I want to win a Larry Alcala shirt from Solo! :D:D []

  8. lysha says:

    I’ll make sure to check them out at first opportunity, thanks for sharing. 🙂

    So how about that Solo raffle? Hope I win! Heee


  9. Tims says:

    Yay! I want. If I don’t win this one, I’ll go buy. 😀

  10. Cathy says:

    I want the young love! (

  11. CJ Enriquez says:

    Gustoooo ko yung veeeeeesssssttttttt!!!! – cj (

  12. alen says:

    he’s such a great artist!someone to look up to..:) it would be an honor to wear and to show off his work!:))

  13. Quennie says:

    I want! 😀 Been a fan of solo ever since.

  14. mfayem says:

    hi, saab! i love reading your blogs.

    this collection is soo cute. i specially love the necklace. i’m not really lucky in raffles but it’s worth the try. 🙂

    keep writing! 😉


  15. Nisha says:

    The vest is super cool! 😀 —-

  16. Manilett Tanayan says:

    i like your description on the watch to eliminate filipino time 🙂 also, love the young love shirt! 🙂


  17. AC says:

    Another Filipino pride!! I would love to have anything from the shirts, bangles and bags. Super COOL to wear and “ipagmalaki” 🙂


  18. Manilett Tanayan says:

    i like your description on the watch to eliminate filipino time 🙂 also, love the young love shirt! 🙂


  19. Maria Blair says:

    I think I can acknowledge Larry Alcala as one of the reasons na daot ang eyes ko ngayon. Hahaha. His comics is one of the few na inaabangan ko sa newspaper noon. Oh myyy. Bakit ba walang mall dito sa Ormoc? :((

  20. dyen says:

    wow! i love the watch!!!

  21. Maria Blair says:

    Larry Alcala’s comics was the only reason I open newspaper back in the ol’ days. Hahaha. I’m a big fan of his work. Kaya naman sad na walang mall dito, sa Ormoc. :'((

  22. I ❤ the shirts and the tote bag!

  23. I love the shirts and the tote bag!

  24. angel says:

    pick me! pick me! i want a shirt! *insert puppy eyes here*

  25. Alix Reyes says:

    I think I used to read his comics in magazines my gradeschool used to make me read! I can’t remember what the name of the mag was tho. I do remember, “Money doesn’t grow in trees.” and so he starts planting coins and makes his own money tree. WIN!!!

  26. Jennelyn Martinez says:

    Wow! I it’s very nationalistic because it shows in the collection.
    Yung young lovers nakakatuwa dahil don sa latang telephone.. ang cute.
    Nung nakita ko ung drawings nya naalala ko nung bata ako nakikita ko ung drawings nya sa mga newspaper and comics. :))

    But what i like to wears is the vest.
    Not lucky sa mga raffle but hoping to win.

  27. pichie says:

    the shirts are cool! want one; hope I win! ^_^

  28. therese says:

    I want the Young Love shirt!! 😉 i *think* we don’t have Solo in Cebu anymore. 😦 (

  29. Would love to with the Young Love shirt 🙂

  30. eizy says:

    i’d love to win! everything is cool! =)

  31. Kristen Aragon says:

    I absolutely love their stuff! They remind me of my childhood days when my father used to challenge me to find his image in his comics. ❤ Thanks for posting this, Saab. God bless you more. –

  32. cloverxxkorhz says:

    I want the vest. LOOL. (Just trying there’s no harm in trying ne?) haha!

  33. ibablogko says:

    Wow, great collection. Yay Solo, aprub to!

    I like the Anti-Smoking Movement Tee. Do they have that in white, kasi I don’t wear black tees eh, hihi.

    Cutie din ang watch, right ka Saab, eliminate Filipino time. And the necklace that becomes a heart. And the bangles. And, I think all of them?hehe

  34. Miko Lagman says:

    This is cool. I grew up reading/enjoying larry Alcala’s comics. Too bad my collection got damaged during TYPHOON MILENYO (2006) and TYPHOON ONDOY (2009). I hope I could get one for free! hahaha 😀

    PS. — I hope they would also have a PUGAD BABOY COLLECTION, I also love POL MEDINA’S wacky PUGAD BABOY FAMILY 🙂

    xo –

  35. Rhea Prayles says:

    These shirts are so cool with art by Larry Alcala no less.. Love the Anti-smoking movement tee and the vest. Thanks for blogging about this, Saab. (^-^)/

  36. I want the Anti-Smoking Movement Tee, for my mom and aunt, I really want them to stop smoking, I hope you too would stop na. That’s bad for your health.

    here’s my email address:

    Thank you! 😀

  37. Aliyah Laurente says:

    I wish I could draw something like that when I was a kid. Good thing Ate Saab is a great artist to draw. I love everything on your blog especially the fashion blogs. Those shirts and accessories are really nice to wear. Especially the vest and watch.

    Public Email Address if ever:

    I love Ate Saab 🙂

  38. Danella Egwaras says:

    I’m broke and I want one of those! Hahaha.

  39. kata says:

    I have a Larry Alcala mug from Mr. Donut! I still use it as my colored pen holder. And of course I want to win a shirt! I really hope I get chosen 🙂

  40. Kim says:

    I want, I want!
    Those drawings remind me of my fun childhood. I wish I could be a kid again.

  41. Eri says:

    yay! I also want a shirt!!


  42. anna says:

    cool shirts! 😀

    the watch is nice too!

  43. Joan Macawili says:

    Yes, I want to win a Larry Alcala shirt from SOLO! 🙂


  44. Tims says:

    Yay! I won! Thanks Saab! And thanks to SOLO. 😉

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