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Justice for Alexis and Nika

With this issue we mourn, we mark, we reminisce, we remind. Let not another year pass before justice is done. – Erwin Romulo (Read more)

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Red Mask

Two weeks ago on Party Pilipinas, they showed this short film directed by Avid Liongoren, starring Elmo Magalona and Julie Anne Jose. RED MASK Watch Party Pilipinas tomorrow to watch the sequel. Here’s a teaser: I know they’re going to … Continue reading

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Drake Married Nicki Minaj?!

I can’t believe this. Drake is my super crush (Justin Bieber is only second to him). I think I’ve memorized almost all his songs from his famous mixtape to his first album. He can rap AND sing. I know some … Continue reading

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Jao Mapa

I’ve always had the biggest crush on Jao Mapa. Unfortunately, I’ve never met the guy. Even if I did I wouldn’t know what to do or say. Ahhhh. Hahaha. My sister, Maxx, sent me this gratuitous picture yesterday. Oh my … Continue reading

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Saabmarine Teleradyo

If you didn’t know yet, I’ve got this twice-a-month online webcast with dangerous director and Pedicab cat Mr. RA Rivera called Saabmarine Teleradyo. It’s called Saabmarine because 1) My name is Saab, and 2) RA is a very big fan … Continue reading

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Doc Martens

My siblings and I grew up wearing Doc Martens. I think we all wore black ones on our little feet. My ate Unna, the eldest, was the only one with pink ones. I wonder what happened to those — our … Continue reading

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I bought a HOLGA BC in Hong Kong just for kicks. These are the only semi-nice photos I took. Everything else is pure crap. But this is just my first roll of film, I hope I learn how to take … Continue reading

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