Go Ateneo

I thought ohmygoodness I have nothing to blog about. I haven’t really gone out because of my sipon for the past three days. Hahaha! But here, I found pictures I took using mom’s Sony TX5 during the second game of Ateneo vs La Salle.

Ganda ng seats namin ni Nyko, Row A Seats 1 and 2 thanks to Nike!

Nyko kept trying to take pictures of green archer Joshua Webb haha

Blue Eagle Nico Salva who is rumored to be ABSCBN actress Megan Young's boyfriend hahaha YUCK PARA AKONG CHISMIS BLOGGER?? Hahaha

We saw Marquis and her sister Iya outside during halftime so we snuck them in to the patron section kahit na opposing sides kami hehe that's what friends are for. Hahaha!

Siyempre we were too busy watching the game so didn’t get to take that much photos. Here are some photos from Fabilioh.com:

Kirk Long made the most points. YES THUMBS UP sa bicep mo hahahaha!!! Kailangan ko pa bang i-credit ang photos eh sobra sobra ang watermark ng Fabilioh.com? Haha

One more Kirk pic, nadistract lang ako dun sa guy sa likod na nakabukaka at parang tulog hahaha

Eagles we fly high hahaha! ILY Kirk!

Paki spottan kung gano ka-saya si Erap. Hahaha!

See you at the finals!!;)

Update: Here’s a photo of me having dinner with some of the family after the game. Frank and I are the only ones who are into UAAP basketball. Haha :p You can get your own Ateneo shirt from Nike! Frank’s blue collared shirt is from FMCC 🙂

Elmo, Maxx, me, Frank. Ate Unna, her kids Gavin and Zoie, her husband Bryan 🙂


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2 Responses to Go Ateneo

  1. Clare says:

    *Sigh* I miss watching Ateneo-La Salle games at the Araneta! Hay, this post is a sad reminder for my end of the court… =(

    I’m still hoping that there could be an Ateneo-La Salle finals though.

  2. Margo says:

    nico salva IS megan young’s BF! 🙂
    they both have twitter & i’m pretty sure they’re together… as in heart tweets. so cute!

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