Open Time Capsule

At Pecha Kucha v3, Irene Sarmiento was introduced as an author and therapist who works with children with special needs. She wrote her first book about a boy with autism last 2009 entitled Spinning. My heart melted when she showed images from that book.

Illustrated by Christian Oliver Cruz who is also very talented as I saw from his DeviantArt account (click photo to redirect). From what I understood, the story is written from the point of view of the little boy’s sister and her trying to imagine how her brother sees the world. Cute!

Irene is now also an archivist! She started

The Open Time Capsule intends to communicate with people in the future, using words and images to stand as the artifacts of everyday life in 2010. This will be a gift to the 2020 generation and, though it is not directly stated, a gift to one’s future self as well. Who knows what things will be like ten years from now? Though historians and journalists will attempt to capture this year objectively, this time capsule hopes to preserve the emotional tone and subjective experiences of the contributors.

This Time Capsule shall contain: Letters addressed to one’s children, anecdotes or fiction, short essays, poetry, visual art, and illustrations.

If you’d like to contribute to this time capsule, click here for more information.


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I like plastic balloons, polly pockets, cheap cake and spooky couches.
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