What’s In My Bag v3

Surprise attack on my bag by Julius. I was on his couch quietly reading on my iPad when he decided to do another version of What’s In Your Bag. I was not prepared, okay… Hahaha! Good thing my bag wasn’t so messy.

I didn’t know I was part of the shot haha. Not seen in close-up shots are things found at the upper right corner of this picture. Unused napkin, Holga camera (na wala namang film), Coach wallet that I borrowed from mom.

iPod classic (na hindi ko alam kung nasaan ang earphones), after coffee mints, cigarette pack na wala namang laman, lighter, Silica gel from when I bought the bag (haha never noticed), broken ring from F21, stray 5 peso coin, lip balm, fake tears for when my contacts dry up, inhaler bec I came from sipon, Pecha Kucha ticket, free Golden Spoon card from PK, tissue I found sa condo (hehe finders keepers), Mom’s Sony TX5 (na wala namang battery), my driver’s license, keys to the condo.

Mochaccino mints na prize from Bratpack (left it in my bag I swear it’s still sealed for when I give it away), empty plastic from Mercury Drug, random receipt from Kids Store when I bought my godson a Thomas the Tank Engine toy the other day

Clinique concealer, Bloom eyeliner, Smashbox concealer, Maybelline mascara, Lancome blush, Mac C2 powder, Body Shop 06 powder (had to get a darker shade after Boracay trip), banig of Biogesic mom bought me when I was sick (just in case but I was a tough one!), pills to prevent hyperacidity attacks, black shirt Maxx just bought me, white shirt I grabbed from Maxx’s closet just in case I needed it (and I did), iPad

Body shop kit (where the makeup goes), fan I borrowed/stole from my mom, Graphika Manila freebie from Pecha Kucha, cigarette pack which is fairly new, another lighter, notebook for notes to self (hence the DEAR SAAB), smiley ring Julius gave me, MAC lipsticks (girl about town, pink nouveau, please me) I never know where I’m going so I like bringing different shades around

Current bag is from National Geographic bought in Hong Kong. I LOVE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC BAGS!

This one comes with a camera bag, perfect for my Canon 1000D!

Such a fan of bags with lots of pockets! Look at this one!

Of course I picked the pretty one 😀

My dad used to own this one. My brother, Frank, now uses it 🙂

About Saab Magalona

I like plastic balloons, polly pockets, cheap cake and spooky couches.
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16 Responses to What’s In My Bag v3

  1. Jenny says:

    Cool stuff! You smoke? :O

  2. khaela says:

    I think I can see Julius’ reflection in the Body Shop powder. Hehehe #randomlangjustlikeyoustuff Haha!

  3. I got confused with the cigarette packs, I though I was rereading the first one. Nashare ko lang. 😀

    I love the Dear Saab notebook. I should have mine too, syempre Dear Jamie. 😀 I keep on having random thoughts on random moments. Just so I can keep track of them and they won’t slip out of my mind.


  4. Tiffy says:

    Love ya! You are way too cute for words without even trying. Just a quick question: Which of the 3 MAC lipsticks would you say you like the most? How do you like Pink Nouvea? I was thinking about buying it but not too sure. Thanks!

  5. Tiffy says:

    If you don’t mind, by the way … What is the font of Maxx’s tattoo?

  6. mt says:

    i didn’t see your wallet ata 🙂 i carry around a small one but my bills and change are all over my bag. hehe

  7. someone says:

    v3? where’s the 2nd version of your “what’s in my bag”?

  8. rixbajns says:

    haha! i imagine those things jammed in ur bag! ^^ ansaya kc nkakakonek aq s gniang mga halo-halong kalat s bag… empty packs ng cig, plastic bag ng kng anumang shop, resibo at samu’t-saring mga bagay! love it!

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  10. venus says:

    hi saab lablab! i always wanted to post a picture of you in my tumblr but i don’t know the rules, alam ko lang ayaw mong nakawin namin un.. sana ok lang sayo, gusto ko lang tlga magpost ng pinakafavorite kong picture mo (you being my #1 favorite pinay pride in my heart) sana ok lang sayo.. please.. thanks

    btw, kudos to your parents for bringing up a fantastic lady like you! they are the best!

    much love! ❤

  11. onai says:

    i like v3 more.. so cool.. just thinking of doing my own version of What’s in my Bag.. idol talaga.. keep it up!! ;))

  12. astig ng mga laman ng bag mo te saab! 🙂 pero gusto ko yung bag..ang astig..gusto ko rin nyan…ganyan mga likes kong bag..sayang wala national geographic bag dito 😦 can you give me one? hehe pls

  13. craveyardcat says:

    Cool National Geographic bag! I hope it’s sold online. *searches on Google*

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