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Please go to from now on 🙂

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Day To Day Prime Time Ecstacy

Went to my brother and his friends’ exhibit last Saturday at Mag:net Gallery, Katipunan. I wonder if anyone noticed how ecstasy is misspelled hehe. Hover over pictures for more info:

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Saabmarine Teleradyo episode 11

With special guest Joey de Leon!! Also with Jun Sabayton, Ramon Bautista, Erwin Romulo and Jako de Leon. This was broadcast live yesterday! I learned a lot! 😀 We’ve got new prizes in store for a couple of you guys… … Continue reading

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Bracing Myself

I got the news last Sunday when I went to the TMJ specialist that my dentist recommended. At the start of every appointment, my dentist (Dra. Ge from Bolaños and Associates) would ask me if anything’s been bothering me. I … Continue reading

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What’s In My Bag v3

Surprise attack on my bag by Julius. I was on his couch quietly reading on my iPad when he decided to do another version of What’s In Your Bag. I was not prepared, okay… Hahaha! Good thing my bag wasn’t … Continue reading

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Hunger Games

I first heard about The Hunger Games when I was chatting with my friend, Karen. We usually talk about two things: what we love and what we hate. At the time, she was gushing about these two books she just … Continue reading

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Red Mask Part 2

The short film shown on Party Pilipinas today: Directed by Avid Liongoren. Starring Elmo Magalona + Julie Anne San Jose 🙂 Watch the first part here.

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Justice for Alexis and Nika

With this issue we mourn, we mark, we reminisce, we remind. Let not another year pass before justice is done. – Erwin Romulo (Read more)

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Jao Mapa

I’ve always had the biggest crush on Jao Mapa. Unfortunately, I’ve never met the guy. Even if I did I wouldn’t know what to do or say. Ahhhh. Hahaha. My sister, Maxx, sent me this gratuitous picture yesterday. Oh my … Continue reading

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Saabmarine Teleradyo

If you didn’t know yet, I’ve got this twice-a-month online webcast with dangerous director and Pedicab cat Mr. RA Rivera called Saabmarine Teleradyo. It’s called Saabmarine because 1) My name is Saab, and 2) RA is a very big fan … Continue reading

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